Collect files effortlessly and efficiently

Collect files in any format from anyone, whether they have an account or not.All files collected will be renamed based on your rules.Using the Nutstore client, you can sync received files to any device.

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Are you bothered by the same problem?

Manually correct the name of file received

Using Nustore Inbox, files will be renamed automatically based on your rules. For example, the file “” from Alex will be renamed to “”.

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More files to collect, more tedious work to do

Using Nutstore Inbox, you can collect files from thousands of people effortlessly. The Nutstore client will sync all collected files to your computer in real time.

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Want submitters fill out documents online while

Using Nutstore Inbox, you can release the Word/Excel collection. When submitters fill out documents online, their real-time content is invisible to each other.

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Email attachment size is limited and the transfer speed may be slow

Using Nutstore Inbox, you can collect larger files than using email. In addition, Nutstore provides the reliable file transfer service with global acceleration.

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Easy to use, convenient for everyone


Auto-rename files
Provide summary table
Collect files in all formats
Auto-sync files received
Collect files in multiple ways


No account required
Provide a receipt after submission
Online editing in Excel/Word
Invisible to each other
Full platform support

Super efficient partner, super effective work

When you receive a file through Nutstore Inbox, the Nutstore client will sync it to your computer in real time.
Nutstore has many other features to keep your work efficient and effective. Such as file recovery, event history, file history version and enhanced file sharing.

Keep improving, do things better

Enterprises and institutions use the Nutstore Inbox and series products of Nutstore to work more efficiently.

Our lab deals with many projects, so we need to sync and back up massive data and academic info among all participants. Nutstore Inbox is easy and stable, greatly enhancing our efficiency, and we don’t need grasp lots of skills to operate it.

Lu Zhi

Doctoral advisor, Bioinformatics Laboratory of Tsinghua University (a key lab of the MOE)

We use Nutstore to sync the collection and sharing of lab data. By creating and sharing sync folders, all the data and papers made by the postgraduates in the team can be summarized, processes, and saved in real time.

Su Ping

Su Ping’s Research Group at the Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University.

We use Nutstore to share project data and sync required info. By using various mobile devices, we can enjoy the conveniences rising from sharing anytime and anywhere.

Professor Jiaos

Institute Precision Optical Engineering, Tongji University

Effortless, smart and secure

Easy to collect files, just use Nustore Inbox!

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