Nutstore Inbox

Press one button to release a collection link, and files can be submitted even you are unregistered.
The file will be renamed automatically for easy processing and inquiry. You needn't download any received file because it is saved in the designated folder automatically. Compared with regular emails, the tool is easier and better!

Collect  files

Quick start, easy operation

File collector

Step 1: Input collection requirements and a deadline.
Step 2: Designate a folder.
Step 3: Done! Share the link!

File uploader

Step 1: Fill in the info required by the collector.
Step 2: Upload the file.
Step 3: No registration is required to submit it!

Efficient and smart processor

You needn't download each file as the inbox can put them in the designated folder automatically.
User-defined file collection name is supported. Users may rank the files in the folder to check all files collected clearly.

Viewing collection details is supported and the results can be exported via a list to make a statistic of the results quickly.
Online preview in most formats is available, and the collected contents can be previewed on webpages. 

Considerate and convenient toola

You can collect and submit files through computers and mobile devices. And you can do it anytime and anywhere!

After the collection is expired, Nutstore Inbox will keep all the contents you collected, but i's not allowed to upload anything to effectively control the deadline.

The expiration reminder won't let you miss any collection task.

Easy and user-friendly collection tool

Freedom setting

You can set collection contents and important info like preset time to provide higher freedom for the collection process. And multiple devices are supported.

Easy submission

Anonymous submission is supported. After the function is activated, you can upload files even you are unregistered to meet the requirements of various scenarios.

Multiple devices are supported

You may submit any file via your computer, phone or Applet anywhere and anytime!        

Easy sharing

You can launch a collection task via WeChat, QQ or other IM software to share it with others quickly and facilitate your collection.     

Over 100 prestigious universities have been using Nutstore Inbox

Currently more than 100 first-rate universities in China use Nutstore Inbox to facilitate students'learning,
teachers’research, and personnel's work.

Our lab deals with many projects, so we need to sync and back up massive data and academic info among all participants. Nutstore Inbox is easy and stable, greatly enhancing our efficiency, and we don't need grasp lots of skills to operate it.

Lu Zhi

Doctoral advisor, Bioinformatics Laboratory of Tsinghua University (a key lab of the MOE)

We use Nutstore to sync the collection and sharing of lab data. By creating and sharing sync folders, all the data and papers made by the postgraduates in the team can be summarized, processes, and saved in real time.

Su Ping

Su Ping's Research Group at the Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University.

We use Nutstore to share project data and sync required info. By using various mobile devices, we can enjoy the conveniences rising from sharing anytime and anywhere.

Professor Jiaonfo

Institute Precision Optical Engineering, Tongji University

Easy collection, smart synchronization,secure storage

Nutstore uses AES256 encrypted storage for online banking to guarantee data security
and avoid replacing files and worrying about damaged hardware.